The HELASCoL consortium is a group with complementary knowledge and expertise in areas required to achieve the targeted goal.

The consortium consists of:

  • Service/application developers and providers (KECELCOM, KAPSCH)
  • Software engineer (ITIME)
  • Smart metering technology (KAPSCH)
  • System integrator (ITIME)
  • Research institutes (KECELCOM, SUPSI)
  • University (SUPSI)
  • End user organizations (FCPA, KLG)
  • Business developer (KECELCOM)


The company has been established with the purpose of creating a state of the art long-term telecommunication FTTH infrastructure in Kecel to provide locals with access to television, Internet and telephone services at a reasonable price. Compared to the current infrastructure, this network will allow for the launch of several services for the local population, business enterprises, the local government and its various institutions. In addition, by developing new content services, it will also facilitate the spreading of FTTH networks among retail users. In addition to creating the FTTH network, the company is also involved in the development of digital services accessible by the elderly.

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Kapsch BusinessCom

Kapsch BusinessCom – a company of the Kapsch Group – is a leading player on the Hungarian ICT market. As a professional ICT service partner Kapsch offers complete IT and telco solutions. Kapsch BusinessCom relies on manufacturer independence and partnerships with globally leading technology providers. In co-operation with these partners Kapsch offers its services as a consultant and system supplier, but above all as a reliable, dependable, long-term trusted advisor in a rapidly changing technological environment.

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Increase Time

IncreaseTime is a technology-based company, founded in April 2011, and its activity is centered on the development of innovative solutions based on ICT and wireless sensors networks. It is a provider of social and health care solutions intended for the domestic market or care homes. As such, we develop solutions which promote the quality of life of the general population, with special focus on patients with chronic diseases and on the independent, active and quality aging.

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The Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana in Manno, Switzerland has an outstanding expertise in the design, development integration and testing of telecommunication and satellite positioning systems, RFID tags and readers, wireless sensors, antennas and telecommunication systems with particular interest for Non Ionizing Radiation

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Fondazione Casa per Anziani Gubiasco (FCPA)

The Swiss residence is a home for elderly people and is an ideal environment to both researching the needs of elderly people and to conduct a pilot project. FCPA is one of the contact points of the consortium with the potential end-users of the product.

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Kecel Local Government

Kecel is a small sized town in Hungary of about 9000 people. Being a local government organization, one of the responsibilities of this consortium member is to offer social services for the elderly people living in the city. Kecel offers a location for a pilot project for the target group of the elderly living in their own homes.

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